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Dec. 26th, 2008


Wow, it's been nearly 2 months since I posted, and lots has happened.  Well, not lots, but a fair bit.  Well, some....let's see if I can condense it without ending up rambling by the end.  Yeah, good luck, me.

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Oct. 31st, 2008

Well, poo!

I knew it was coming, but that didn't make it any less of a blow.

David Tennant quits Doctor Who

*sniff* Bye, Ten.  I'll miss you.

Oct. 20th, 2008

I hate my neighbours!!!

Honestly, who the fuck thinks that Sunday nights are a great night to throw a party?!  Show of hands?  Anyone??

As if Monday mornings aren't bad enough, without adding lack of sleep into the mix!  Last Sunday/Monday it was 3am before they shut up, this morning it was 5am (and they'd been at it since 2pm).  I get up at 6.30am.  I am a fucking zombie today.  And I've also got that hormonal cry-at-the-drop-of-a-hat thing going on (exacerbated by lack of sleep), so I just know I'm going to make a complete arse of myself at work today.  Probably before recess.

Inconsiderate little fucks.

Oct. 16th, 2008

Thanks very fucking much!

Note to self: roxithromycin is bad, m'kay?  Since doctors obviously aren't being paid enough to look at my file, see I have an adverse reaction to it and not prescribe it to me again, I thought I'd better put the name down somewhere I'd remember. 

Oct. 15th, 2008

Apparently I look damn fine for 71.

Feel like hell.  Been coughing up a storm and sounding like it (or a frog, a parrot, a 14 year old boy whose voice is breaking, or a 71 year old woman - depending on who you ask), since Sunday.  Today was the first day I've actually felt like crap, though, so I went to the doctor's.  I thought it was odd when the receptionist didn't double check my address as they usually do when I rang to make the appointment.  Much later when I was actually sitting down with the doctor (after waiting nearly an hour, thankyouverymuch), she said, "We'll give you this [antibiotic], you've had that before, what did you think of it?"  The name was unfamiliar, but I figured if I'd had an adverse reaction, I'd have remembered the name to make sure I never had it again.  But then she asked me if I was allergic to anything, and the penny dropped.  If that was my file, it'd have PENICILLIN in big red letters on the screen in front of her.  Obviously, they'd gotten the wrong me.  It happens.  I get phone calls for her all the time - some people just aren't smart enough to realise that I live in the wrong street (not to mention the wrong part of town) to be her.  One time the bank rang to inform me I'd accidentally given them $100 too much when I'd made a deposit earlier in the day.  I (very briefly) thought about going and claiming it, but I figured the jig would be up when the teller who served me saw that I was 39 years younger than I had been that morning.  Yes, the other MM is 71.  And apparently, that's how old I sounded when I rang the quack's this morning. *rolleyes* They're just lucky that I was on the ball enough to realise the mistake before they gave me something that would send me into anaphylactic shock.

Anyway, the official diagnosis was a nice and specific, "Bronchitis, pharyngitis, thingy."  But since my throat isn't actually sore (it's further down that hurts), it's probably closer to a bronchitis, tracheitis, thingy.  We'll just call it bronchitis.  I don't have the breath to say the rest when people ask.

Just went to the chiropractor, she did some lovely moves that will loosen up the gunge in my chest.  I'd considered cancelling the appointment so as not to share my germs with her, but I figured it would do me more good to go.  She agreed with me, although I had to reassess that decision when she laughed me into a coughing fit.  Twice. 

Well, my half hour is up after taking my drugs, so I can go eat now.  Then I think I'm going to go to bed ridiculously early.  I need the sleep.

Oct. 11th, 2008

Just a heads up for interested Aussie parties...

...David Tennant will be on 'Who Do You Think You Are' tomorrow (Sunday) night, on SBS.  You'll have to check your local tv guide for times, but it's on at 7.30pm AEDST in Vic.  Now I've just got to remember to watch it myself. :P

Oct. 10th, 2008

Music meme

Nicked from [info]culf ...

I'm putting my mp3 player on random, and will write the first line of the first 20 songs. You'll tell me the name of the song, and who's singing. Google is cheating. If When something really embarrassing ends up in this list, please don't judge me.

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WTF, work?! (And the experimental pie of WIN!)

So, my boss walks me to my car yesterday after work, and tells me that the business manager hinted to her this week that she *may* be able to keep me on next year.  But I don't think he's run it past the principal yet, so quite frankly I'm not getting my hopes up.  Simple fact of the matter is that, even if they do offer me a continuing position, I'm pretty sure I won't take it.  I'm excited about moving to Melbourne and onto bigger and better things.  It took a lot to get me excited about that, and I'm not going to take a step backward - or the equivalent of settling into a rut - because they decide to throw me a bone.  Even my boss said I should "stay excited" about moving to Melbourne.  She thinks it'd be a better move for me, career-wise.  But on the other hand, I know that she'd love to keep me if it were an option.  *sigh*  As much as I'd hate to disappoint her, I'm really not into doing things just to keep other people happy.  Anyway, I've decided I'm not going to dwell on it - I'll keep applying for jobs as I have been, and cross that other bridge if I get to it.  And in reality, I think it's a pretty big IF.

In other news, I made a pie tonight.  My first ever pie!  Well, not counting lemon meringue pie, which I haven't made in donkey's years anyway.   My boss brings in random vegetables whenever her veggie garden becomes unruly and overproductive, and this week it was silverbeet.  Now, I've not eaten silverbeet since I was a kid and mum used to make all manner of horrible things with it.  But I thought, well, my palate has changed over the years, my tastes have matured (and I like spinach fine), so maybe I'd give it a go.  And, since I'm trying to keep my frozen food at a bare minimum, I decided that I'd use up some of the puff pastry in the freezer and make a pie.  I did a bit of googling and went through a couple of my recipe books, and none of those recipes grabbed me, so I decided to wing it.  The only thing I bought that I didn't already have were some mushrooms.  So it ended up with shredded silverbeet, sliced mushies, mozarella & parmesan cheese and a little bit of egg.  Oh, and a dash of cream.  And some black pepper.  It.  Was.  Fucking.  AWESOME!  I need to experiment in the kitchen more often.


The crappy photos really don't do justice to how good it tasted. *needs a new camera*

Oct. 4th, 2008

One of those days...

I was supposed to go to Paul's party for his book release tonight, but I made a lame excuse and canceled.  I've been all geared up to go for 3 weeks or more, but when I woke up today I knew it was going to be one of *those* days.  The kind of day when I don't set foot outside, don't even open my door because if I even hear other people - let alone see them - I want to curl into a ball and hide.  It's like fingernails down a blackboard.  I don't want to hear people.  I don't want to see people.  And I certainly don't want to interact with people.  So the thought of going to a party full of the damn things, having to smile and talk and pretend I actually care about anything they're saying...just, no.  I couldn't do it if you put a gun to my head. *sigh* It's such a weird feeling (not to mention really difficult to explain), because I like many of the people that would be there, and I just know that next week when I'm at work and everyone's telling me what a great night it was, that I'll regret not going.  But I just...couldn't face faking it today.  *sigh* Sometimes I don't understand my brain.

Oct. 1st, 2008

Stuff about...stuff.

Went for a jog this morning, been trying to get back into a routine before I go back to work.  It appears to be working because, although I had to drag myself out of bed this morning and really didn't want to go, I did - and I jogged for 20 minutes out of 30.  WOOT!  Not bad considering I've only been at it for a week and a half, every 2nd or 3rd day.  I'm starting to feel stronger again already in my legs and torso, so hopefully it's only good things from here on in.  Just gotta combat the lazies when they kick in.

Finished off the Twilight series yesterday, after jumping through several hoops to get the last book.  Went into the library on Monday morning to pick up Eclipse, and to make sure they'd tagged the copy of Breaking Dawn in Port Fairy to come to me - because it'd been showing as 'available' on the catalogue since Saturday, and I was the only person with a reserve.  I didn't want a repeat of Colac where they lent it out to someone else.  So after talking to the chick at my library, and getting her to change the reservation so that it was specifically for the Port Fairy copy, not just 'first available copy', I came home and rang Port Fairy to make sure they'd put it on the reserve shelf.  I didn't want to wait until next Monday to get it, so I figured I'd drive the 25kms and pick it up myself.  Turns out the stupid woman here had reserved our town's copy!  After all that fucking rigmarole, she'd still got it wrong!  Personality of a dishrag, and incompetent to boot.  I knew there was a reason I was trying to get the little old lady behind me to go first so I'd be served by someone else.  Anyway, drove to Port Fairy, picked up the book (and there's someone else who needs a personality transplant), came home, made lunch and started reading.  Read all of Eclipse and 100-odd pages of Breaking Dawn on Monday, then finished off BD yesterday.  Last book wasn't as good as the rest, but it was a satisfactory ending, so I can't complain.  Back onto Kathy Reichs, now.

Speaking of books, I'm going to Paul Burman's celebration of the release of 'The Snowing and Greening of Thomas Passmore' on Saturday.  Should be good fun, even if I can't drink (I'll be driving, since it's in Port Fairy).  I still haven't ordered Paul's book, but I will once my finances allow for it.  Apparently it's one of those books you'll either love or hate, so if I end up hating it, I might have to donate it to a library somewhere lol.

I'm procrastinating badly.  I still haven't done any sorting through stuff.  Maybe it's because I want to start with the junk draw of DOOM.  It's daunting lol.  Guess I could start with my stuffed toys.  They've got a drive on at work, the kids have been bringing in toys to send off to...I don't know, some third world country.  It'd be a good opportunity to let go of some of the ones I've been hanging onto for too long.  But honestly, that's no less daunting than the junk draw of DOOM. *sigh* 

Ooh, T just popped up online, I must go see what he's been up to lately.  *goes back to procrastinating*

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